Simmons Jewelry
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Simmons Jewelry

Sporty and sophisticated, these hip-hop influenced bracelets and chains from the Simmons Jewelry Co. are sure to get people talking. Styled in rugged stainless steel for a bold and powerful look and inspired by hip-hop music mogul Russell Simmons, Simmons Jewelry is an extension of his personal style -- as well as his passion to constantly push the envelope of fashion.

Each stainless steel masterpiece exudes a certain confidence and appeals to all walks of life. From sporting events and nightclubs to daily fashion, the appeal of Simmons Jewelry is a direct reflection of its founder's vision. The entire Simmons Jewelry collection blends the traditional with the contemporary, to create fresh jewelry styles.

Some styles are dressed in diamonds while others feature a distinctive argyle pattern. Striking chains with dog tags and big, impressive crosses are the cornerstones of this collection. Bracelets crafted in stainless steel -- mixed with black rubber and diamonds --deliver handsome appeal.

Simmons Jewelry Co. isn't just about fashion, it’s also about giving back and helping others. With the purchase of "The Green Bracelet" a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), a non-profit organization that supports educational programs in African nations.

What makes Simmons Jewelry Co. so intriguing is what made Russell Simmons so successful: a different approach. By breaking away from the norm and taking risks, Simmons Jewelry Co. takes jewelry to new heights.

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